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How to Quit Smoking

Quit smoking tip sheet

Quit cold turkey!

One day at a time

Setting quit dates

Quitting for others

Every quit is different

Minimizing the most common side effects to quitting smoking

Understanding the emotional loss from quitting smoking

How to help family and friends quit smoking

Crutches to quit smoking

Carrying cigarettes

Can people quit smoking and still drink alcohol?

Sleep adjustments

How Did Most Smokers Quit?

Whatever you do don't quit cold turkey!

Is Cold Turkey the only way to quit?

Quitting methods - who to believe?

Pharmacological aids to smoking cessation

Pharmacological aids, Part II

40 years of progress?

Looking for the "easy way" out

"I will quit when...."

Can we motivate a smoker to quit if he thinks he doesn't want to quit?

"Well, at least I attempted to quit. That's better than not trying at all"

You know smoking one or two cigarettes is better than one or two packs!

"You said it would get better! It's just as bad as the day I quit smoking!"

"I'm just too weak to quit smoking!"

We understand why you relapsed

My support group is responsible!

"I liked my other smoking clinic more!"

How does your program compare to...

Support group diversions

"What shoud I call myself?"


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