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Privacy Statement

WhyQuit is deeply committed to protecting the privacy of all visitors to our sites and of all members of our two support groups, Freedom and Turkeyville.  Below is a statement of our information gathering, protection, and disclosure policies.  Any future changes to these policy shall be promptly posted on:

Information Gathered

Visitor and Member Communications

Although Freedom's members are free to share their email address, quitting date, or other membership application information as part of their Yuku Profile (Freedom's messageboard host site), Freedom's staff shall treat application information, including e-mail addresses as confidential.

Facebook Privacy Alert - Turkeyville is a public group. As such, messages you post at Turkeyville can be read by all Facebook members and may also appear on your Facebook social network. While Freedom is also a public group, when joining Freedom you can create a Yuku account and pick a profile (username) that may provide greater privacy.

Turkeyville's membership application process at Facebook does not require disclosure to Turkeyville's volunteer staff of any personal information whatsoever.

All private messages, private email or other communications between Staff and any member at either Freedom or Turkeyville shall be treated as confidential. Please be advised that our all volunter staff has a long standing history and policy of not sharing any member personal information with any other member, including not disclosing member e-mail addresses.

Freedom and Turkeyville Posted Messagess

When posting messages please keep in mind that they are visible to all non-member site visitors as well as to members.  When posting messages take care and exercise sound judgment when disclosing any personal identifying information, as doing so immediately makes it public information.  The information on our message boards may be permanently archived and become a public treasure chest that aids future arrivals in breaking nicotine's grip upon their life.  From time to time old member posts should be expected to be posted to again and brought to the top where they'll become the focus of the entire group. Older posts may also be used as a research tool to aid in evaluating past performance and in improving the site.

Be advised that our information management policy encourages public use of all WhyQuit resources for worldwide smoking cessation and prevention purposes, so long as there are no costs or charges associated with their use.  In theory this means that one or more of your thought provoking threads or posts could be used as a youth nicotine dependency prevention teaching tool in a Philippine classroom, as part of a handout at an Africian smoking cessation seminar, or simply e-mailed and shared between Australian smoking friends.

Log Files

Both WhyQuit.com and Freedom's Yuku forum, but not Turkeyville, collects IP address data that is made available to us, and allows us analyze trends, administer the site, track users' movement, and gather broad information for aggregate use. WhyQuit's IP address data is not linked to personally identifiable information but Yuku generated data from Freedom does associate member names and posts with IP addresses.

We have structured Yuku's Freedom platform controls so that IP addresses are hidden from visitors and only viewable by staff members. Although we have no control over Yuku's platform software, Freedom's staff treats all member IP address info as confidential. Obviously, we reserves the right to use IP address info if necessary to protect the forum's members from harrassment, solicitations and unlawful conduct.

Survey Information

WhyQuit, Joel's Library, Freedom and/or Turkeyville may from time to time provide members with links or pages that allow or invite members to participate in surveys, polls or other informal or formal research.  If a link is provided to a page on any site other than WhyQuit. Freedom or Turkeyville, please read that site's privacy policy before participating.  We or an independent research organization may from time to time conduct performance evaluations to determine nicotine cessation rates using both archived member posts and if necessary direct message or e-mail communications with members.  Any independent research organization acting on our behalf shall be required to execute a privacy and non-disclosure agreement ensuring that identifying member information and email addresses shall be kept strictly confidential.


WhyQuit, Freedom and Turkeyville contain links to other sites.  Please be aware that we cannot be responsible for the privacy practices of any linked sites.  We encourage our users to be aware when they leave our site to read the privacy statements of every Web site that collects personally identifiable information.

Yuku's Privacy Statement

Both Yuku and Facebook have their own Privacy Policies which should be read if spending time at either site: Yuku Privacy Policy and Facebook Privacy Privacy.

Protection and Use of Information

All visitors and members can rest assured that no identifying member information shall ever be sold, leased or otherwise disseminated and that all communications containing personally identifiable information shall be safeguarded and treated as confidential. If you have any questions please contact us.

Last updated on December 18, 2013 by John R. Polito